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Tu Pedestal Utility Tray by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 15.00

Tu Pedestal Utility Tray by Herman Miller

Our Price: $ 15.00

Tu® Pedestal Utility Tray
by Herman Miller®

Tired of losing your pens, pencils and small office supplies? the Tu Pedestal Utility Tray gives you a convenient storage space for these things without sacrificing space in your Tu Mobile Pedestal or your Tu Freestanding Pedestal. The Utility Tray rests on top of your drawer, giving you usable space beneath it, and comes with built in storage bins for small accessories like paper clips or push pins. Quickly add organization to your Tu Pedestal with this convenient and easy to use Utility Tray.

The Tu Utility Tray features:

  • 12.63"W x 4.75"D x 1.63"H
  • slim design rests atop Tu pedestal drawers
  • convenient storage for your pens, pencils and accessories
  • bins built into tray for holding small items
  • easily placed and removed
high density plastic

Designed for use with the Tu File Pedestals and Storage Cabinets

12.63"W x 4.75"D x 1.63"H

The Tu Storage collection is all about making storage personal, easy to use, "down to business." At the same time, it embraces aesthetics, mobility, and adaptability. The Tu Pedestal Utility Tray is a perfect expression of everything the series stands for. It's first of all incredibly useful and functional. Are you sick of constantly losing your pens and paperclips under a mountain of papers, wires, laptops and general office detritus? So are the folks at Herman Miller who designed the Pedestal Utility Tray to solve the problem.

The Tu Pedestal Utility Tray rests on top of a given drawer in a Tu Pedestal, leaving plenty of space underneath it for filing and general storage. The tray has several different compartments, each of which is more than capable of handling and organizing your office implements and tools. The best thing about the tray is that it takes nothing away from the capacity of the storage pedestal, while making your day at work easier and more productive and keeping your desk clean and clear of unnecessary tools. The Pedestal Utility Tray is the perfect complement to any Tu Pedestal.