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Upper Step Ladder by Kartell

Our Price: $ 540.00
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Short Description:
This stepladder has a strong personality and great functionality.
Authorized Kartell Retailer Chrome-Plated Steel Frame Stackable

Upper Step Ladder by Kartell

Our Price: $ 540.00
+ Free Shipping


Upper Step Ladder by Kartell
designed by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto

This stepladder has a strong personality and great functionality. An item which, aside from being multi-functional and practical, is also attractive and can even be used for decoration.

A blend of steel and polycarbonate, Upper is a highly functional ladder that has slip resistant steps and a sleek appearance. Can support up to 570 pounds.

Founded in 1949 by Giulio and Anna Castelli, Kartell has become the world leader—and innovator—in the realm of molded plastic furniture. Headquartered in Italy, Kartell works with designers worldwide to create their distinctive line of modern furniture, lighting and accessories. Dedication to discovering and employing new technologies and manufacturing methods results in a growing line of durable, stylish and cutting edge products.

Structure material: Chrome Steel
Steps material: Polycarbonate 2.0 from renewable raw material, transparent or mass-coloured
Fireproof: Not Fireproof
Usage: Indoor

  • Designed by Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzatto
  • Available in four fantastic finishes

About the Manufacturer

Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: a combination of extraordinary factors together with a strategic vision of distribution has contributed to the lasting success of Kartell. By cultural and entrepreneurial choice, since its origins in 1949 the Italian manufacturer has chosen to characterize itself as the market leader in the production of designers articles which use technology and plastic materials. This choice requires a great understanding of materials and transformation technology. A leader in furniture design, Kartell addresses an international audience with a collection unique in originality, variety, size, and range.

Environmental Info

Contrary to the common idea, products in plastic materials are highly ecological for the reason that they can be recycled (with the exception of polyurethane, little used in Kartell seating). In addition, the use of plastics reduces the need for living plants, such as trees, which are costly and take years to replace. In order to simplify the recycling process, the various components of Kartell furniture can be easily separated and reduced to elements made of one single material. Moreover, the plastic parts of each product carry, clearly printed, an identification mark to determine the correct classification of the seven different kinds of plastic and their effective recycling.