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Buying furniture can be overwhelming to say the least. Our expert team here at Smart Furniture have worked to pull together what we think are the most helpful inspiration and buying guides for our most popular categories to help make your next furniture purchase a breeze. Don't see what you need and want to chat some more? Just give us a call at (800) 260-8420. We would love to help!

Are you feeling uninspired with your interior design? Do you need some tasteful parameters to keep your style in place? Discover these amazingly helpful tips for creating a more cohesive living room.

Storage and style are the most eye-catching elements in Rock/Creek marketing guru and RootsRated founder Mark McKnight’s loft. Warm tones and modern lines are on display at every turn. Even though Mark’s home is impeccably curated, the open-space loft has presented some difficulties.

Are you feeling uninspired with your interior design? Do you need some tasteful parameters to keep your style in place? Discover these amazingly helpful tips for creating a more cohesive living room.

Is it time to start thinking about a new sofa? If you just answered yes to this question, you are not alone! Over the past few months, sofas, sleeper sofas, and sectionals have been flying our of our warehouse. Could it be that spending so much time at home has made us realize that we are in serious need of a sofa upgrade?

Are you looking for a quick way to improve your office or home office? Adding an ergonomic monitor arm to your work rig is a quick, inexpensive way to increase your productivity and save your neck, literally! The great thing about monitor arms is their versatility. You can customize your workstation to your exact needs.

An ergonomic office chair can maximize your comfort and productivity, while minimizing your chances for back problems down the road. But office chairs can be tall or short — just like the people who use them. Read on to learn how to find the right fit for you.

Some people feel like this model works well for them. They like the informal experience and the freedom to manage their household while they’re simultaneously pursuing their career. Other people feel claustrophobic and trapped. They may feel like it’s hard to get motivated or create a work/life boundary while working out of their homes.

If you work from home on a regular basis, or even just occasionally, you understand how critical it is to create a workspace that motivates you to get things done. The ideal home office is one that is comfortable, but not overly so (you won’t get as much done from a couch as you will from a desk), and one that promotes efficiency and productivity.

Whether you’re working remotely or on a flex schedule, an ergonomic home office setup is key for helping you feel — and perform — your best. Read on to learn about some clever solutions and handy tools for all kinds of spaces.

conducting research in new materials and forms for workers to interact with, to studying the very nature of the modern workplace itself to determine how our everyday actions can be improved from an ergonomic standpoint, Humanscale has been at the forefront of human-centered design.

One of the highest compliments an office chair can be paid is to be called “ergonomic.” It’s also, of course, one of the highest goals. The best office chairs in the world, Aeron among them, and the finest furniture houses in the world, Herman Miller among them, are in a race to build the most absolutely comfortable, supportive, clever, and ergonomic office chair on the market

If you’re looking to make your workspace more ergonomic, the easiest, most affordable change you can make is installing a keyboard tray to your desk. No other product is more cost efficient or effective at bringing your body into proper positioning and alignment.

With furniture comes the possibility of stains from spills, dirty hands, and messy pets. The good news is, there are several ways to remove stains from your furniture. Here’s how to remove six different stains from your furniture and avoid them altogether.

There are many benefits to working from home, but much of this is dependent on having a space in your home that is functional as an office space. Learn how to create a home office you’ll actually want to work in. Check out some tips on curating the perfect work from home space.

Arranging furniture can be a difficult design project, but it is critical to the comfort and functionality of a room. These common scenarios will teach you the fundamentals of furniture arrangement so that you can make the most of your available space. Here are some of our top tips to help you arrange your living room furniture.

When you want to refresh a room, replacing the upholstery is a great place to start. The type of upholstery you choose for your furniture can transform the appearance of each space. It’s also a great way to bring out your personality and make your furniture more practical for your household.

Knoll is committed to three major environmental platforms: Climate change, third-party certification, and environmentally responsible products. Knoll has taken steps to ensure these goals are met, and worked hard to stay ahead of the curve and stand as the most sustainable furniture company in the business.

In the past, consumers simply purchased what they needed. They usually only gave thought to those specific needs, without any overarching criteria for selecting who to purchase from and why.

But in the last few decades, that has shifted. Today’s consumers make purchase decisions with more than just a product or service in mind. In many cases, we’re buying from businesses that we believe in, that have missions and beliefs we support.

The Path Chair is the World’s most sustainable ergonomic task chair. The production of the Path Chair is certified climate positive. The chair is made of ocean-bound plastics, ocean-recovered plastics, recycled plastic bottles, recycled post-production plastics, and recycled mixed metals like aluminum and steel.

In the spirit of raising awareness for creating a sustainable earth, we’d like to give a few shout outs to some companies that are taking their own steps to make sure that the earth and its resources will be plentiful for generations to come. You can do your part too by shopping for eco-friendly products from our FSC-Certified brands.

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman is an epochal piece of furniture. From the minute it was introduced to the public, it has been embraced with popular support and critical adulation. There is perhaps no other chair on the market that has had such an enormously positive response for such a long time.

A chair that looks and performs like no other, the Herman Miller Aeron Chair has made quite a reputation for itself around the globe. Heralded for its award-winning design, the chair has enhanced the hum-drum office workday through its ergonomic structure and aesthetic appeal.

This two-seater sofa made its first appearance on the furniture scene back in the 17th Century. Its sole purpose was not to invite cuddling and romance, but to give more sitting space to ladies as the fashion of the time was skirts with large layers and hoops. So you see, the intention of the loveseat was highly utilitarian.

For years, if we’re honest, many of us have invoked the words “Danish Modern” without really knowing where it came from or what it looked like. Many times we see something that looks different – a sofa with splayed legs, for instance – and say that it’s “Danish Modern-inspired.” And it may very well have been. But who inspired Danish Modern itself?

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