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Spun Chair by Magis

Our Price: $ 880.00
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Short Description:
Upright, the Spun Chair has the appearance of a sculptural vessel. But when leaned on its side, it becomes a fun and functional chair that lets you rock side to side or spin around.
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Spun Chair by Magis

Our Price: $ 880.00
+ Free Shipping

Magis Spun Chair
designed by Thomas Heatherwick

The Magis Spun Chair isn't your ordinary chair; don't expect it to replace your office work chair or your living room lounge chair. The Thomas Heatherwick designed Spun Chair will, however, completely alter the way you think about sitting down. You see, the Spun chair naturally rests at an angle. When you sit in it and lift your feet up, it rotates like a top that is about to fall over. But with its unique design the Spun Chair keeps rotating and ensures that you stay securely seated as it spins you in circles. Sure, the Spun Chair may not be the most necessary addition to your home or office, but it does bring a fun, playful element to any space and promises to brighten the day of whoever is fortunate enough to sit in it.

The Spun Chair features:

  • 36" w x 36" d x 26" h
  • Constructed of rotational molded polyethylene
  • Unique design
  • Suitable for use both indoors and out
  • Rotates about base when user is seated
  • Interactive design that provides a unique experience for the user

Rotational molded polyethylene

36" w x 36" d x 26" h

Magis is an Italian furniture company that puts a high emphasis on design and technological innovation. Its products often find themselves on the cutting edge of both design and structural composition - many times almost as a byproduct of the designer's standards of what is good and necessary in a useful chair or table. Magis seeks to create items that can be used in any room of the home (indoors or outdoors) and add beauty anywhere. Founded in 1976 and continuing to operate as a factory-free organization, Magis uses local contractors and outsources its manufacturing to create greater flexibility in the design process.

The Magis Spun Chair comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.