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Peerless Home Office Furniture from Steelcase

Creating quality, affordable, and good looking home office furniture isn't easy. Making it in the United States seems impossible. Steelcase never got that memo. One of the leaders in office furnishings, Steelcase is an American gem--a brand that shows that there's only one good way to do things: the right way.

American Roots

Steelcase is a true American brand. From their founding to the current day, they manufacture high-quality products at home in the USA. From their ultra-popular Leap Chair to the stylish Bivi collection, everything that Steelcase makes has a purpose. That purpose: build lasting furniture that can last years of daily use.

Research-proven Furniture

Ergonomic and office furniture doesn't just happen. It requires years of research, test cases, case studies, and more. That means every product that Steelcase makes has undergone tons of development so that it's the best product is can possibly be. For example, the Bivi collection is expandable, meaning you can piece together your perfect home office when and how you need to. The modular system can be expanded and customized, making it ideal for shared home offices and kids rooms. The Leap chair should be a staple of any ergonomic office, and the Airtouch Desk is a unique sit-to-stand desk that doesn't require power to operate. Every product serves a purpose, and every purpose comes from thought and prescience.

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