Universal Furniture

Universal Furniture at Smart Furniture

Universal Furniture stays true to their name: they make great furniture for everyone. From modern to traditional, each one of their designs is made for families to use every single day for years and years. From their collection of dining tables to sofas, beds to accessories, they provide affordable furniture solutions for any type of home.

While Universal Furniture's general aesthetic skews more towards traditional, their approachable design ethos provides a little bit of something for everyone. For example, the Spencer Dresser blends a distressed and modern look for a clean and contemporary feel. The Summer Hill Round Dining Table, in contrast, draws more inspiration from traditional and coastal influences. The Riley Corner Sectional is a perfect mid-point between modern and traditional, making it ideal for folks that like a little bit of each.

Furniture for Every Room

A bummer is when you find a brand of furniture that you like, but they only make stuff for one room of the home. That can leave you feeling discouraged and forced to search all over to furnish your whole home. Univeral isn't like that. You can buy an entire bedroom suite, living room, dining room, and office with their wide selection of items. Each piece is designed with approachability and long-lasting durability in mind. Their pieces aren't incredibly trendy. Instead, they're made to last for years without looking dated. They've eschewed the metaphorical mullet for the more inoffensive regular haircut. Will their designs wow you? Maybe not. But they also won't have you cringing and hiding pictures of you sitting on the hood of your '82 Trans Am with a jean jacket, front spike, and party in the back--if you know what I mean.

The point is that Universal makes great furniture for every room of the home. Their approachable designs will fit into practically any home, and the quality will ensure that the furniture lasts for years. If you're looking for a great brand with an affordable price tag and great looks, Universal is the option for you.