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Z-Bar Lamp by Koncept

Our Price: $ 369.00
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Short Description:
The new Z-Bar iteration retains the original design, but consumes less energy, and gives further range of brightness.

Z-Bar Lamp by Koncept

Our Price: $ 369.00
+ Free Shipping

Z-Bar Desk Lamp
by Koncept Tech 

This is the next generation of the award-winning Z-Bar Desk Lamp, a super sleek lamp about as wide as your finger, longer than your arm, and ultra-adjustable. This new version retains the design of the original Z-Bar but consumes less electricity and gives the user a range of brightness to choose from with a multi-level dimming feature.

42 super-bright LEDs provide a strip of bright light with low heat, minimal electricity, no bulky head, and a super long lifespan.

How long is the lifespan? These LEDs are rated to last 50,000 hours. So if you use the lamp for 8 hours per day, 7 days a week, the LED bulbs would last about 17 years.

Optional motion sensor turns the Z-Bar on when you approach your desk, off when no movement is detected for 15 minutes. It will be mounted on the 2nd bar on the side. There is a little rubber circle that you pull off to plug the sensor in.

Z-Bar Features:

  • 42 LEDs with a Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Multi-level touch dimmer control
  • Comes with weighted base
  • Power consumption: 9.5 watts 
  • Voltage 9V AC/DC adapter
  • 3,500 K / 4,500 K light color
  • 'Best of Category' winner at the 2006 Annual Design Review, International Design Magazine.

Environmental Considerations:

  • Fully recyclable aluminum
  • Water-based paint 
  • FSC certified packaging 
  • LEDs do not contain mercury
  • Low power consumption (<10 watts) 
  • 38% pre-consumer recycled material by weight 
  • LEED credit eligibility 

Z Bar Lamp DimensionsMaterials:
42 high-powered LED bulbs, metal construction

Total arm length: 45.25"
Base diameter: 9"